Disability Inclusion Action Plan

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Why does Canada need a Disability Inclusion Action Plan?

Canadians with disabilities have been disproportionately affected by the health, social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has worsened the long-standing inequalities persons with disabilities face on a daily basis.

The reality is that Canadians with disabilities are more likely to be financially insecure than other Canadians.

Canadians with disabilities are also more likely to be unemployed or underemployed.

And persons with disabilities often face barriers to accessing government programs and services.

Canadians with disabilities who are racialized, Indigenous, women, LGBTQ2 often experience worse outcomes than other Canadians with disabilities.

That is why the Government of Canada wants to engage with Canadians to develop an ambitious Disability Inclusion Action Plan. The goal of engagement with you on this Plan will be to tell us what actions the Government needs to take to improve the lives of Canadians with disabilities.

Building on Past Successes

We are not starting from scratch – we’ve used the great input from consultations on the Accessible Canada Act, the 2019 National Disability Summit, as well as input from the COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group.

This also builds on Government actions to date, including: the establishment of Canada’s first Minister responsible for persons with disabilities, acceding to the Optional Protocol of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and passing the historic Accessible Canada Act.

We want to build on this progress and move forward with our commitment to a disability-inclusive Canada – and an economic recovery that leaves no one behind.

What will the Disability Inclusion Action Plan do?

The Disability Inclusion Action Plan has five objectives:

  1. Reduce poverty among Canadians with disabilities.
  2. Get more persons with disabilities into good quality jobs.
  3. Help meet the Accessible Canada Act goal of a barrier-free Canada by 2040.
  4. Make it easier for persons with disabilities to access federal programs and services.
  5. Foster a culture of inclusion.

In leading by example and working with partners, our goal is a disability inclusive Canada that celebrates the diversity, creativity, innovation and contributions of persons with disabilities.

The Plan will be ambitious, it will evolve over time, and it will have a focus on action. It will achieve these objectives through actions grouped under four thematic pillars:

Pillar 1: Financial security

This pillar will address the immediate and long-term financial needs of Canadians with disabilities, with the initial focus on working age Canadians with disabilities. The first priority under this pillar will be to reduce poverty amongst persons with disabilities through a new disability benefit.

Pillar 2: Employment

This pillar will take a holistic and intersectional look at the long-standing barriers that persons with disabilities face in the labour market and in the workplace. It will develop a range of supports for both persons with disabilities and employers, and it will include a robust Employment Strategy for Canadians with Disabilities.

Pillar 3: Disability-inclusive spaces

The focus of this pillar will be to address barriers in public spaces, including community and social infrastructure and programming, that are currently preventing Canadians with disabilities from fully participating in their communities and the economy.

Pillar 4: A modern approach to disability

This pillar will ensure we are using a modern definition of disability that will lead to a better and simpler process in determining if people are eligible for Government of Canada disability programs and services.

What is your role?

You have an important role to play in shaping the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

The questions that follow are grouped under each pillar.

In the spirit of "Nothing without us", we invite you to share your thoughts. Your insights will be an invaluable contribution to the Disability Inclusion Action Plan and will help us as we think about designing and delivering the measures under each pillar.

Your participation is key to making this work!

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