Application for the Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime

Please read other important information pertaining to the Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime (PYVC).

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Important information: If you are using an older browser that does not support the latest web standard, you will still be able to submit an application and supporting documents but may experience navigation issues. When you upgrade your browser, the issue will automatically be resolved.

The application process has 2 steps.

Step 1 - Complete your application

You must complete this step before proceeding to Step 2. If you do not complete the application in one session, you will have to start over.

Step 2 - Submit your supporting document(s)

Note: Please have your supporting document(s) ready electronically so that you may submit them online.

If you have already submitted your application, you can submit your supporting document(s).

If you have not submitted an application, you must do that first.

Special Instructions

  • All questions are mandatory (*) unless indicated as "(Optional)" at the end of each question text.
  • Please make sure to use the buttons provided on the page rather than the browser buttons to navigate this website. Using the browser buttons may cause undesirable results.
  • Selecting a link on the menu bar will close your session. Any information entered during this session will be lost.
  • Your session will time out after 20 hours.
  • If you did not successfully complete the application due to technical difficulties, any information entered during this session will be lost and you will have to start over.
  • During your PYVC online application, you will be required to print Employment forms and Incident Report forms. Therefore, you must have access to a printer from your computer and you should be familiar with your web browser's print functionality. Should you have a problem printing the Incident or Employment Report Form(s), you can access alternate copies from the Printable Forms' location on the Service Canada website at
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